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Powercom Vanguard Series UPS

As business become increasingly dependent on technology for their fundamental operation, the need for system availability is of paramount importance. The Powercom Vanguard series UPS is designed for those applications that need maximum protection in the 700VA - 20KVA range. With its high-frequency, double-conversion online topology, providing nonstop clean sine wave power, advanced communications and space-saving tower design, the Powercom Vanguard series is the ideal power solution for networks, web servers, telecommunications applications and other critical electronic equipment.

In addition to its proven design, the Powercom Vanguard series offer Advanced Battery Management (ABM) and sophisticated communications to provide maximum system availability. ABM uses a three-stage charging technique that not only doubles service life of battery but optimizes charging time.

The Powercom Vanguard series's communications are flexible, allowing for local, network or remote monitoring and management. The Powercom Vanguard includes the latest version of Powercom's UPSMON Software Suite, which provides power monitoring and shutdown software.

With the Powercom Vanguard, Powercom delivers a best-in-class power solution for maximum system availability, and peace of mind.