UPS Battery Maintenance Programs

The key to ensuring the reliable operation of your battery backup is a comprehensive predictive maintenance and testing program. Typically sealed VRLA battery systems require annual maintenance according to IEEE-118. Flooded / Wet Cell battery systems are generally on a quarterly maintenance plan per IEEE-485.

Emergency Power Industries offers preventative maintenance contracts based on each company’s specific needs. A typical scope of work might include:

  • Clean tops of batteries, racking, cabinet, etc.
  • Measure and record float voltage readings
  • Measure and record internal readings
  • Re-torque all connections
  • Measure and record connection resistance
  • Measure room temperature
  • Measure cell / battery temperatures
  • Measure and record system settings including chargers, rectifiers and UPS
  • Measure and record cell specific gravities (If applicable)
  • Add water as required (Flooded cells)
  • Testing

After a UPS battery system is installed, periodic battery testing will maximize the lifetime of the system and identify potential issues to rule prevent unexpected problems. Ensure that your UPS system will deliver the protection expected from it by scheduling regular AC / DC load bank and battery load testing.

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