The DiamondPlus™ 1100A UPS System

The DiamondPlus™ 1100A UPS Series is the newest generation UPS systems offered by Mitsubishi Electric. With efficiencies over 93%, a high 0.9 output power factor, and lightweight, compact design, the DiamondPlus™ is both green and smart. It gives energy conscious users an alternative UPS solution to meet their needs. The 1100A (10-50 kVA) configuration is upgradeable in 10 kVA increments.

The Diamond Plus™ 1100 UPS Series is an optimal solution for protecting power equipment. As a true on-line three phase double conversion UPS system, customers can be assured that their needs are met for back-up power. With energy costs ever increasing in the marketplace, the DiamondPlus™ 1100 provides a reduced Total Cost of Ownership with its compact footprint, high energy efficiency and flexible modular design, among other factors. With reliable back-up power in place, our customers can have complete piece of mind.