EnerSys SpaceSaver Rack Mounting Battery System

EnerSys® SpaceSaver Rack Mounting Battery Systems are the ideal way to install high energy density battery systems in standard 19” and 23” equipment racks. EnerSys PowerSafe™ V, VX and SBS front terminal batteries are ideal for telecom applications.

Modular Design
A single 48V string or up to two 24V strings fit on a single shelf. Multiple strings are connected in parallel to achieve the required capacity. This multi-string modular approach is inherently more reliable than a single high capacity string. PowerSafe V and PowerSafe SBS front terminal battery configuration and modular systems make it easy to match battery capacity to the load and installation and maintenance quick and easy.


  • Compact Installation
  • Long Life
  • Thermal Control
  • Flexibilty
  • Easy Handling and Maintenance
  • New or Retrofit Installations